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We have been making pond liners for over 40 years!  We offer a complete line of residential pond liners but we also provide large liners for farm ponds, golf courses, construction sites, residential developments, well pads, tank farms and the list goes on.  These Polyethylene liners can be provided in single-pieces for projects from 1,000 to 120,000 square feet while multi-piece liners, which require field seaming, are offered for nearly any size project!

Our pond liners are all custom-made to your specifications.  We have several different colors and thicknesses from which to choose.  These liners require a bit more information during the ordering process, please review details below and contact us to discuss your project in more detail.


Our pond liners are all made-to-order and we suggest that you review our material offerings along with our measuring tips for best results. We take a hands-on approach to these large liners meaning, we handle quotes on theses liners manually via contact forms, email and phone calls to be sure we have the liner tailored to meet your specifications.  Feel free to request a quote for any size liner you require or you may always contact us and we will reply back with several options from which to choose (in addition to liner size, be sure to include your preferred material and your zip/postal code).

Large Pond Liner Material Details

Coated Woven Polyethylene

CWPE is a durable, multi-layer material that is comprised of two outer layers of PE Film fused to a center layer of PE woven scrim also known as rip-stop.  CWPE is also nearly 1/3 of the weight of similar thickness PVC and EPDM making it easier to handle larger panels.

Offered in 12-mil, 20-mil, 30-mil and 40-mil thicknesses

Linear Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE offers the lightweight advantage of other PE liners but it omits the scrim that is provided in CWPE to provide an affordable alternative to CWPE.  This material is generally heavier than CWPE so the maximum panel sizes are less.  

Offered in 30-mil, 40-mil and 60-mil thicknesses

CWPE - Fabric Backed
Coated Woven Polyethylene with Fabric Backing

Typical CWPE material with a geotextile laminated to the back providing an integrated underlayment.  Due to the nature of the fabric backing, panel sizes are slightly less than CWPE.

Offered in 30-mil, 40-mil and 60-mil thicknesses


We also offer private label and bulk processing for 100’s, 1000’s, 10000’s, 100000’s of liners at a time that meet your material and packaging specifications.  We ship millions of square feet of pond liners per year, how may we assist you with your project?


Contact us for details.

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