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Pond Liners


Pond liners from DLM Plastics are custom-made in our factory in Ohio using the finest quality fish and plant friendly materials.

Unlike many others in the industry, we do not keep liners on the shelf for weeks, months or years...we custom-fabricate every pond liner right after your order is placed and we ship most made-to-order liners in around 5-7 working days (larger sizes may require a slightly longer lead-time).

Please visit our quote calculator for any size not listed.

We stock the following materials:

  • DESIGNER - 25-mil Tan Pebble PVC
    Introduced in 2016, we now offer a tan liner that includes a pebble pattern printed on one side of the material.
  • STANDARD - 20-mil Black PVC
    This is our most popular material for many residential applications as it is light, yet durable and can withstand years of normal use even in the harshest of climates.
  • ENHANCED - 30-mil Blue PVC
    Our Enhanced-Grade is 50% thicker than our Standard-Grade making it more durable plus we carry it in Blue making it unique from most other liners in the market.
  • CONTRACTOR - 40-mil Black PVC
    Our Contractor-Grade is twice the thickness of our Standard-Grade and is best suited for larger recreational ponds that are intended for swimming or to contain game fish or other wildlife.
  • COMMERCIAL - 40-mil Black Polyethylene
    This material is lighter weight than on our Contractor-Grade and comes with an embedded rip-stop which offers superior tear resistance and tensile strength. We fabricate these liners with extra-wide 2" welds for added performance.
  • ECONOMY - Black/White Polyethylene
    Our Economy-Grade is a very lightweight material weighing in at about 30% less than the weight of our Standard-Grade. This material is black on one side and white on the other (you choose which side you want to show) and is manufactured with an embedded rip-stop giving it extra tear resistance.

Again, you may visit our quote page for any size that is not listed or to view more detailed information on our pond liners, click here to be taken to our main pond liner page. To check pricing and place an order, click a category below:

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