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Heavy-Grade - 18oz Vinyl Tarps

DLM's Heavy-Grade 18oz Vinyl Tarps are our most common vinyl tarp. Why? Because they are built to last! Here are a few key features that set our tarps apart from the competition:

  • We custom-manufacture every tarp at the time of order - they are not sitting around on the shelf for weeks, months or even years.
  • We use Stainless Steel spurred grommets at every corner and every 24" O.C. with custom grommet spacing available.
  • All seams are heat welded with at least 2" of overlap, not sewn, making our tarps water-tight.
  • We can include rope in the perimeter hem to provide extra strength - again, our hems are heat welded and not sewn.
  • We can make virtually any size or shape tarp you need, including making tarps with depth to fit over boxes, storage bins, etc. instead of just a flat rectangular tarp.
  • **IMPORTANT** - We offer "TRUE" sizing meaning, if you order a given size, that is the size you will receive, we do not cut our tarps at your requested size and then provide you with a smaller size after welding and hemming - we ship the size you order!
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.