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Using materials and manufacturing processes specifically geared for a given project we supply several types of linings, coverings, bladders and tarpaulins for various Agricultural applications.



Silo linings and covers are custom-fabricated based on the dimensional information provided by our customers. We offer several material options from general purpose non-supported PVC up to FDA and NSF approved materials that have a support scrim to reduce tears and stretching.

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Breather bags are used to regulate pressure inside silos. When silos are exposed to the warm sun, the contents inside heat up expanding the gases inside causing them to vent out when the pressure reaches a certain level, the opposite is true at night when the silo cools, the air inside contracts and outside air is pulled into the silo. Traditional silos allow this interchange to happen freely with outside air and spoilage is typically increased. A sealed silo system, more popularly know as Harvestore brand, uses breather bags to trap these expanding gases from escaping by directing them into the large bags during periods of heat expansion and pulling this trapped air out of the bag upon contraction – this closed system greatly reduces the spoilage levels of the silage.

DLM uses materials fabricated specifically for this application coupled with more than 20 years of experience in this field we offer a quality alternative to some of the lower-end manufacturers in the market today.

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Aquaculture is closely related to our pond liners however, this product category is geared more toward the commercial fish farming industry. We offer custom-fabricated linings for ponds, lakes, raceways and pools each of which is designed to provide long life and low maintenance even under the harshest of outdoor conditions.We can even visit your location to obtain on-site dimensions or provide in-field seaming for larger applications.

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